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America Democracy

The first thing that appears in my mind about America's democracy is the ten amendments.

These rights are not universal around the world: freedom of speech, rights to bear arms.

I like the idea of small government. Basic laws to ensure bad guys don't dare to do bad things. And minimal governance that doesn't have the power to interfere with law-abiding citizens. No surveillance, censorship, basically no big brother watching you.

2021-01-06 Storming of the United States Capitol

I am surprised to see President Trump's supporters storming the US Capitol.

America, the world's only superpower, was unable to stop the crowd from entering the Capitol.

There are many views that democracy produces incompetent leaders. I don't believe that when I was three years younger. Ever since President Trump decides to dispute the outcome of the 2020 US election, I see that many civilians, GOP (The Republican Party) house representatives, and senators support President Trump's baseless claims. It is absurd because it has nothing to do with political affiliation. It's about being reasonable to accept the loss in a fair-and-square election. In my opinion, the standard of democracy depends on its citizens' standards. When most citizens have no integrity, I have no faith in democracy since I can't depend on them.

America's current state is making me question the strength of democracy

  • The impeached president still holds on to power
  • There are no consequences for lies that affect the lives of millions
  • "Leaders" that have no integrity and do what they previously opposed. When it suits them

I do not have a better political system to recommend. As a tech guy, I understand there is no perfect system even for a simple web framework, left alone a political system, that is way more complex with the human factor.

It is interesting to see how my political views change with age. It is a reminder for me to never turn into the politicians that I dislike, no matter what lies ahead.

Published: 2021-01-07 | Updated: 2021-01-12

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